From Defeat to Defeat / #swimeveryday

by Nevada Greene & Lake Mary



This world is a small place.

Back in 2006 I witnessed a show around an all too typical Kilby Court bonfire where I saw a kid do unspeakably beautiful things with an acoustic guitar. Flourishes and finger-picking clusters of notes that existed outside of gusto or showmanship. That was before I had heard of Robbie Basho, Peter Walker or the Imaginational Anthem series. I asked him if I could do a series of videos for him. Those are still sitting somewhere on my hard drive.

Years, drives, talks later that same precocious kid, now a wanderlusting full-time adult is hitting me up via the internet asking if I could release a single.

Flash forward, 2013 (?) in a rare instance I open an unsolicited e-mail from a band called Nevada Greene from Columbia, MO. Inside are travelogues tracked through the push and pull of guitars, woodwinds and synthesizers. I'm immediately transfixed.

Two years later I have - in a completed lifecycle only reserved for rapid cycling species - two tracks of conversation, cartography etched in calloused fingers, tendrils of guitar lines circling each other like smoke from two campfires are available through Heligator Records that celebrate the triangulation of three separate searchlights in the dark.

All proceeds go to another small world. A library in a refugee camp that condenses culture, language, religion into a small couple-acre space in the forgotten Eastern corridor of Swaziland. Experimental music ftw.


released September 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Heligator Records Cincinnati, Ohio

Heligator Records exists to continuously fund the Malindza Refugee Camp Library in Mpaka, Swaziland. Every dollar donated goes to this cause.

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